Toy Wars

Toy Wars

Starwars: The Force Awakens is one of the most successful movies of all time, having broken the records for highest and fastest grossing films, and biggest opening weekend. And of course it is; it was one of the most highly anticipated sequels in one of the biggest franchises ever. It’s a work of pure genius that combines the nostalgia and snappy humour of the originals and improved script writing and modern filming technology, having learned from the mistakes of the prequels. It’s also the most diversely cast of the films, with a woman, a British-black man AND Guatemalan actor featured in the main cast. Main cast! Not just in the background or as forgettable side characters (face it, no one REALLY cares about Lando Calrissian). Continue reading “Toy Wars”


The Nostalgia Game

The Nostalgia Game

Nintendo is the greatest video game company of all time.

I know that’s quite a bold statement, but it’s true.

They consistently produce popular games and started many trends later taken up by their competitors. Shoulder buttons? Rumble controllers? Motion controls? Touch-screen controllers? All these and more are innovations that Nintendo developed first, before copycats Playstation and Xbox jumped on the bandwagon. Continue reading “The Nostalgia Game”

For Sale: The Commodification of Culture for Tourism

In April of 2015, I went to China as part of the Asiabound Creative Writing cultural exchange, with eight other BCA students (and one awesome teacher). We spent an amazing ten days travelling from Guangzhou to Zhuhai, Jiabgmen and Yangshuo. We met with creative writing students at Sun Yat Sen university and ate delicious food in dodgy-looking road-side restaurants and put our lives in the bus driver’s hands in braving the insanity that is Chinese traffic. It was undoubtedly an exercise in exploration; in exploring ourselves, our friendships, and of course, exploring another culture, one so removed from our own. Continue reading “For Sale: The Commodification of Culture for Tourism”

Editor Simone: Farewell ya’ll

Editor Simone: Farewell ya’ll

This is my final editorial for Empire Times, the magazine that I worked at for over a year.

Empire Times

I’ve been dreading writing this one.

Mostly because by putting it off it was almost like putting off actually ending my time at Empire Times. As you may know (if you read my editorials), I’ll be (hopefully) handing in my honours thesis next month and essentially graduating, thus ending my student status. As such my replacement has now been chosen and the upcoming Issue 5 is my last.

imageSad selfies. #nnooooooooooooo

I started at ET last year with Issue 5, and it was truly a trial by fire. As amazing as Jess and Laura were in helping catch me up on everything I needed to know for the job, it was still tough. I had no formal training. I had to ask how to turn on my Mac (I kid you not). But my team were patient and helpful and I never could have made it through that first…

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Procrastination Station


If you’re reading this, you can probably relate.

Procrastination; it’s a dreadful beast, the scourge of students and creative types alike. Easy to understand but seemingly impossible to overcome. The act of putting off something important in favour of short-term satisfaction is almost like an addiction. I personally have frequently been a slave to its steely grip (I’m procrastinating several essays while writing this very article). Yet this is not quite as much as some of my friends who have seriously suffered, through not handing in assignments, handing them in far too late, and failing topics they’ve then had to repeat. If a compulsion is only an addiction once it starts negatively affecting your life, then I say for those people their procrastination definitely qualifies. Continue reading “Procrastination Station”